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    • It's time for family photos!

    • Spring is in the air! And there's a feeling of joy and freedom as we come out of our winter hibernation and the hardships of COVID controls.

      This summer is the time for getting together with family and friends again after a couple of years of avoiding gatherings. It's time for family photos!

      We are available for photography sessions:

      • indoors or outside
      • at your home, cottage, campsite or favourite park
      • at our studio or at a nearby park on the lake
      • with all the children and pets included
      • individuals, groups, families and business teams

      Contact us by phone or email to ask any questions or to reserve your day for family photos. Family photo sessions start at $399!

    • We like to keep it simple.

    • Often the simplest form is the most beautiful - a child's face, a bride's nervous smile, a single rose. We love beauty and even more, we love to capture it in our cameras. We have practiced creating simple beauty with our photography craft for over 20 years in business and many years prior to that here in Canada and while traveling around the world.

      When it comes to business, it's the same. Simple is better. The classic professional portrait headshot is a good example. So as not to distract a viewer's gaze from your face and expression, the background and your clothing should be very simple - a base upon which the image of you is built. Your image, as in what people "see" in your headshot, is what we create. We guide you in poses and expressions that illustrate your character so we can capture it. It's really that simple!

      As another example, if you are a realtor we understand the simple truth that, to attract buyers, you want and need beautiful real estate photographs. When you are creating a real estate listing for your customer, you ask them to de-clutter, to simplify the house so that prospective customers can envision themselves there with their own belongings. It's the same for the photos - keeping it simple with clean, sharp photographs that show off the best features of a property. We understand that you need the best real estate photographs to attract potential buyers. And we provide them for you! It's as simple as that.

      We like to keep our business process simple too. Call us to discuss the photographs you need and the schedule you prefer. And, once you're comfortable, use our online booking feature to book your appointment yourself. We'll follow up with a confirmation.

      Our personal photography projects are often attempts to create photographs that capture or summarize, perhaps net out, complex topics into a single simple thought or concept. For example, our collection of fine art photographs of rustic, abandoned barns in the local area reminds us of the development of agriculture in Ontario where every farmer had a barn for stock below and hay and grain above. Now these barns lay neglected and crumbling, surrounded by pastures gone to wild flowers, due to advances in agriculture and the expansion of suburban development. Now they evoke only a simple nostalgia for a time passing by.

      You'll notice that we keep it simple with our art as well. We make it easy to browse our art and purchase framed or unframed paper and canvas prints. Whether it's a single sailboat silhouetted against a summer sunset or a decrepit old barn lost in a forest of autumn colours, our subjects and the emotions they evoke are simple and primal.

      Simply put, we want to be your photographers! Call us today at 905-722-9094 to find out more.

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